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FaserMAX: the wet shredder for digestate at biogas plants

The FaserMAX is a proprietary development of our engineering office and is used as a wet shredder at biogas plants. It is a system for biomass pre-treatment in which the raw products pass through a two-stage shredding process (mechanical and hydrodynamic). This feature distinguishes the FaserMAX from all comparable products on the market and makes it particularly effective.

The system is suitable for raw products that are present as a water suspension of silage, manure, straw and other organic substrates with a solids content of up to 15%. It consists of three seamlessly interlocking components:

  • Macerator
  • Eccentric screw pump
  • Cavitation module

The sensitive electrical equipment of the FaserMAX is safely stowed in a control cabinet.

PDF FaserMax

How the FaserMAX wet macerator works

First, the digestate is pre-shredded in the macerator. Foreign bodies such as stones, wood or metal are also separated here. These collect in the so-called "stone trap", which you can then simply empty out.

After pre-shredding, the fermentation residues are fed via the pump into the cavitation module. There they are pureed - that is, they are crushed as much as possible. Due to the high rotational speed, the cells in the biomass burst in the process. The substrate surface increases, which in turn results in better fermentation.

The advantages of the wet shredder

Optimizing your biogas plant with the FaserMAX is considered an energy efficiency measure. So you can count on government subsidies of up to 40% on the overall system. With the wet shredder, you also benefit from these advantages:

  • Lower power consumption
  • Use of alternative agricultural materials such as grass, GPS or solid manure
  • Higher gas yield at lower cost
  • Improved digestion in the digester

You want to modernize your biogas plant and are interested in FaserMAX? Call us or send us an ! Our employees are available for you throughout Europe and will be happy to arrange an on-site appointment for an inspection and individual consultation.

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